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Sell LPs On the Internet

The music business has been growing, but the way music has been distributed has dwindled over the past few years. People with old album collections who wish to sell LPs on the internet can do it on their own, or get the help of dealers, who can make the process so much easier and still lucrative. Resellers understand how to value records, and they’ve got greater experience in selling them on the internet than the ordinary person.

But before you bring your records to the reseller and feel you are going to make a ton of cash, think about some things. First, what state are your albums in? Although most people now do not have their own record players, there are lots who still do, and they aren’t ready to pay very much for scratched and played-out albums. You do not want to attempt to sell LPs which are damaged.

Then again, if you have been keeping your records in good or particularly good condition, you possess the kind of records that people will want to buy. Countless investors, thinking about the future, purchased LPs 20, 30 and 40 years back and have never yet opened them. These individuals sell LPs on the internet – on their own or via dealers – and often receive big money for them.

One other thing to consider is who are the performers and what are the tunes on your albums. It will influence the price. Vague musicians or ensembles that hardly anyone heard of “back in the day” and no one at all appreciates now will not bring an extremely high price. Though, if you have records in your collection which were (and maybe still are) fashionable and include the melodies that were once hits, you are in the best position to earn more money when you are selling LPs on the internet.

One benefit of selling your music to the reseller instead of directly through the internet is the dealer will have the experience and understand the worth of your albums. If you are selling LPs by yourself, what are you going to use to determine the price? You’ll either over-price, and in this case you will not sell a lot, or you’ll undersell and let go of records for a small fraction of what you may have gotten for them.

As with any collectors, dealers can see two comparable records and instantly realize there is an enormous price-difference between the two. Inexperienced people who want to sell LPs on the internet generally do not understand this difference.

To sum up, simply because you won’t be able to play your recordings any more does not necessarily indicate that others cannot. If you wish to market them and make some money, a certified dealer/reseller can assist you and also provide you with a reasonable price that you may not get if you are selling LPs by yourself.

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