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Push Conversions Via Facebook Advertisements

As a brand, it is important to assess and evaluate all advertising formats and ad types across different platforms to determine which ad or ad style performs in the most effective way for your categories and product. Today, we are sharing some tips on how to efficiently manage, assess and implement your Facebook advertising campaigns with the aim of pushing conversions or transactions.

How have Facebook ads been working for you? Are you continually looking to get the best result for all your Facebook spends and pushing improved conversion optimization?

Facebook Ad tips that increase your conversions

Make sure your Facebook Pixel is set up

The Facebook tracking pixel will help you track conversions

Devoid of the Facebook pixel, you are restricting yourself from the strong targeting choices available. You will also not have the ability to properly track conversions. And thus cannot enhance your Ads for conversions.

Building Your Account the Correct Way

AdWords and Facebook account structures have some significant differences and it is important to have transparency and a strong understanding of them to get the most out of every platform. Facebook costs are regulated at the ad set level in contrast to a campaign level. This makes it possible for far greater control over how much you will spend on specific audiences you target. A suggested Facebook advertising campaign structure looks something like this:

  • Choose the campaign depending on your marketing goal
  • Break out Ad Sets depending on your target viewers and plan
  • Optimize ad sets in your current promotions to determine where your least cost-per-acquisition (CPA) is
  • It is important to give Facebook a chance to learn as time goes on

With Facebook marketing, on occasion you might feel that you’re not getting results immediately. Sometimes you may feel obliged to rapidly make changes to your ads and adjust items to “enhance” them so they can perform better as quickly as possible.

Still, with Facebook in the commencement stage of introducing your advertising campaigns, collecting data and understanding is extremely important. That’s the reason it’s key to have a clear understanding of how much you are actually ready to spend to get a single customer. Be prepared to move beyond with the budget in the very beginning as you try out your viewers and ads. As the findings begin to show up during the time when Facebook has collected enough information to make it possible to improve your Ads

Litmus Test different Advertising Formats

Choosing the right Facebook ad type may have a significant effect on the performance of your Facebook ads. Experiment with various advertising formats and check which ones do best for your campaigns. It will help provide the best outcomes at the lowest possible cost. Carousel Ads work out well for specific brands and categories and might not work that well for the others.

So, you need to assess and see what is best suited for your product from a conversion target standpoint.


Not every placement works in conjunction with every single campaign target and according to our experience, it’s a much better idea to cut a few out entirely. If you’re running a conversion drive, it is advised to eliminate the viewer group as a placement. These audience network clicks are frequently unintentional and do not generate involved consumers. They frequently bounce instantly

Build Facebook duplicate audiences from within your most valuable user-defined audiences

Build a Double Audience of Individuals Who Spend the Most Time on Your Own Website

– Build your custom audience of the top 25% of people visiting by the time that is spent on each product page or a category of merchandise pages. That custom audience is the high-quality visitors and shapes a solid foundation for a custom audience because a customized audience is large and specific.

Build a lookalike audience from Top Spenders

  1. Pinpoint and target just the top customers in your customer list. Once you have created the custom audience for that group, you could create useful duplicate audiences based upon it.

Prevent Audience Overlap

Audience overlap is a mistake countless Facebook sellers are making. And that is promotion to the very same viewers with various ad collections. The greater the similarity, the poorer your promotions will perform. If ads under various ad collections are aimed at the very same viewers, prevent them from playing against one another by amassing them in a single ad set.

It is also possible to use a more comprehensive targeting method to exclude interests/ behaviors/demographics and improve various aspects of your targeting for every ad set.

Behavioral Targeting

Develop an extremely well-defined Facebook readership by integrating social targeting with the place, interest, and demographic data-based targeting. Behaviors enable you to gain access to an extremely targeted Facebook audience by targeting people through buying record, intention, and much more

Distinct View and Add To Cart

For all your Dynamic Product Adverts, it is advised to target “View” and “Add to Cart” viewers in different ad sets. With that custom combination targeting, you will be able to distinguish the pitch to the two groups

Litmus Test Different Pictures

Pictures are the most vital component of your Facebook ads as well as the number-one factor that affects users when determining whether to click an Ad. Test different pictures and discover the ones which increase your click-through ratio and conversions


We are hoping the above-mentioned Facebook Ad conversion tips can help you get the most out of your promotional spend. Keep on testing and analyze the data to further enhance and increase your conversion percentage as time goes on.

All the absolute best!

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